Paper Formatting

All papers must be in the IEEE proceedings two-column format for A4 size. You can find the templates provided by IEEE by following this linkDo NOT include page numbers in your paper and do NOT include copyright header/footer information.

Regular Papers Length: up to 6 pages (the references do not count towards the page limit).

Poster Papers Length: up to 3 pages (the references do not count towards the page limit).

The deadline for camera ready upload is MAY 28, 2021

PDF Check and Upload

  • Papers must be both checked for pdf compatibility and uploaded via the new IEEE PDF eXpress tools.
  • The PDF eXpress site can be accessed here, by using 52814X as conference id.
  • Once the paper has been checked (you will be notified by an email), please access again the PDF eXpress and click on the “Approve” link.
    • Be careful: without clicking the “Approve” link, the Publication Chair will not receive your PDF file.
  • If you are having problems using PDF Express, please contact the General Co-Chair
    Stefano DI Carlo (

Copyright Form

Each author will receive an email with a link to the online Copyright Form wizard, as well as a unique login name and password to access their own copyright forms. When an author completes the online copyright transfer process and submits the form, he/she will receive an automated confirmation email letting him/her know that the transfer has been completed successfully.

Presentation preparation

Presenters of regular papers are asked to provide:

15 to 20 minutes full talk prerecorded video for your accepted paper. This video will be made available for offline viewing at any time one week before the conference.
5 to 7 minutes live talk given using Zoom. This talk will quickly present your paper and main insights at the beginning of your 15-minute presentation slot to favour the live discussion (see below).

The deadline to submit the 20-minute prerecorded video is June 10, 2021.

To submit your video, please name your files using the following format (all lowercase, where paperid is the Molesystems submission ID of the paper): [paperid]_[last_name]_video.mp4

Upload the video to

In a virtual environment, it is important to establish a good engagement with the audience, so please budget enough time to work on the audiovisual material.

Important specifications on the format and content of the videos, along with instructions on how to record for those that need them, are provided later in this paragraph.

Video Permissions

Authors have the opportunity to make videos publicly available after the symposium. To authorise the IOLTS 2021 organisers to take this action, the corresponding author of each accepted paper must opt-in for the sharing and posting of the videos of the talks in the copyright form when submitting the camera-ready PDFs.

Please remember that while you grant IOLTS 2021 organisers the right to display and share your videos, you retain full ownership

Live Sessions

Live sessions will be managed using Zoom. The detailed schedule will be communicated soon. During the live sessions of the symposium, each paper will be allocated to a 15-minute slot that will be primarily used to answer questions from the audience. Each presenter will begin with a brief presentation of the paper and its main insights, which will serve as an introduction to the paper. This presentation should be shorter than 7 minutes to allow ample time to answer audience questions. Experience from recent online conferences suggests a large fraction of the audience would have already watched the prerecorded presentation or read the paper, so leaving sufficient time for questions is very important.

Author Registration

Each paper should have a registered author at the Speaker rate – separate registrations are required for authors with multiple papers.

The registration link will be provided soon

Video Requirements

• Format: mp4
• Resolution: 720p (1280×720 pixels)
• Orientation: horizontal orientation (i.e., width should be bigger than height)
• Aspect ratio: 16:9

Preparation to Record your Video

There is no standard template for preparing the slides to use in your video. Please use your favorite one considering the video requirements listed above.

Please introduce yourself at the beginning of your presentation.

At the end of your presentation, please add and show a slide that includes your contact information and clearly display the following sentence:

This presentation and recording belong to the authors. No distribution is allowed without the authors’ permission.

How to Record you Video

To improve the engagement it is strongly recommended that you capture the video of the presenter during the presentation and display it in one of the corners of the frame.

The easiest way to record your presentation including the presenter’s video is [using Zoom](](

You can add your webcam to the recorded video by [choosing the appropriate recording layout](

An alternative to Zoom is to [add narration to a PowerPoint presentation](

However, adding the presenter’s webcam to the presentation is a feature only available for Windows users in the presenter view pane. Once the narration is added, the presentation should be [converted into an mp4 video](

Please feel free to use the preferred option or any other software (e.g., [OBS](, but make sure the software you choose can export mp4 files.

Recording Tips
• Try to minimize the surrounding noise by recording in a quiet room.
• Make sure the fans of your computer are spinning at the minimum speed, especially if you are using built-in microphones to record.
• Keep a constant distance from the microphone to avoid fluctuation in the audio level.
• Use a neutral background, such as a solid-colored wall or drape.